About Worx-SR

What Is WorxSR ?

Worx-SR requires a simple definition for a better understanding of this term. it is work service request related to "On–demand service application". It acts as a mediator between customers and providers of different services.
  • Instead of spending time and effort for receiving what they want, users prefer to pay a small fee for a faster and convenient procedure offered by this type of apps. and
  • Application enable users to locate and hire best providers with compete prices. also give average cost of service that it is cost is not known for some customers.
  • Generally On-Demand Apps will improve quality of services and enhance Providers qualifications as long as customers can reach out best service performers with competing prices.
  • Customer's review of providers works will leads to get better services and sorting service providers as per their achievement.
  • For Service providers Worx-SR will be consider as platform help them to marketing their services. reaching territory/people that beyond their working area.
  • This trend follows an ascending curve as you can observe from the study published by Harvard Business Review , where
    1. almost 49% of the customers are under 34 years old and
    2. more than 20% of users have over 55 years old.
    3. Moreover, 39% of consumers live in small cities or in rural zones.
Therefore it makes sense the evolution of these apps created for solving major problems for humanity.