Jobs Sub Classification 2nd Classification Level


Person formally certified by a professional body of belonging to a specific profession by virtue of having completed a required course of studies and/or practice. And whose competence can usually be measured against an established set of standards.

شخص معتمد رسميًا من قِبل هيئة مهنية للانتماء إلى مهنة معينة بحكم الانتهاء من دورة الدراسات و / أو الممارسة المطلوبة. والذي يمكن عادةً قياس كفاءته مقابل مجموعة من المعايير المحددة.

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7 Serv-icon Administration…ادارية

Clerk , office works

16 Serv-icon Finance…مالية

All jobs related to Finance and Accounting

5 Serv-icon Human Resource…موارد بشرية

Human Resource, Procurement, Training and development

Skills and Services

Most Jobs require some skills to accomplish certain works, tasks, and Services .. so users are carefully adding more skills and services to their profile to help in getting most apropreiate Job requests meet their capabilities..